SVP carefully assesses many factors when deciding whether to invest in a nonprofit.

Our community partners, or investees, are dynamic nonprofits working to tackle some of Charleston’s most pressing issues. These investees join with SVP to gain strategic and operational support that builds capacity and scale.

SVP Charleston has awarded more than one million dollars in grants to local nonprofits since 2010. Harder to measure, but even more important, is the value of the advice and guidance we have given to scores of nonprofits.

  • Leadership

    The capabilities of an organization’s Executive Director and senior staff are critical to our expectation of future success. The commitment and resources of the Board of Directors is also a determining factor.

  • Impact

    The historical impact a nonprofit has on its target population is only a starting point. More valuable is a judgment of its potential impact after financial and intellectual investment.

  • Metrics

    SVP takes a longerrange perspective than many funders. We look for results that may be deeper and occur over time. Helping nonprofits measure their organizational sustainability, economic impact on clients, and sustained performance can be more revealing than traditional metrics. 

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