Empower Charleston Showcase

Social Venture Partners Charleston will host the exciting Empower Charleston Showcase at The Cedar Room on October 27.  The evening will be the culmination of SVP’s 2022 Investment Cycle, with more than $100,000 awarded to selected nonprofits.

Empower Charleston will be a powerful celebration of philanthropy. On October 27th, several hundred of Charleston’s most charitable and compassionate residents will gather to celebrate Charleston’s most innovative and fast-growing nonprofits.

Tickets and tables go on sale after Labor Day. 

The nonprofits that SVP celebrates at the showcase –our 2022 Investment Cycle portfolio – will be focused on:

  • reducing opportunity gaps
  • serving at-risk youth
  • improving educational outcomes

SVP’s award will include both a financial grant and the intellectual capital of Partners, who will engage in an ongoing consulting relationship with each nonprofit. There will also be the opportunity for attendees to co-invest in the organizations.

For further information about Empower Charleston, please contact Lindsey Ballenger, LindseySVP@coastalcommunityfoundation.org